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        Home>About Us>Group Overview

        China Zhong Chong Group (CZCG) is a strategic investment holding group authorized to be established by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC). Ever since its establishment in 2003, upholding its company culture of “Harmony, Wisdom, Righteousness and Proficiency”, the group has launched its core-business-focusing, diversified strategic investments. With the developing model of industry collaboration and cooperative win-win, the Group has established four main business sectors of bulk stocks supply chain integrated services (Internet+), Finance & Real Estate Property, financial holdings & other investments.

        Bulk stocks value chain (Internet+): With the advantageous basis of bulk stocks trading and supply chain financing as its back, the oversea E-commence trading platform (trading, payment ,storage ,logistics) as its media, utilizing all resources with the Big-data technology, the Group sets track to become an integrated services provider. The Group is among the top three coking coal importing companies in China by imported quantity, is one of the ten million-ton-size bulk stocks suppliers in the country, and is well recognized in the world as a bulk stock trading expert. The Group now owns the oversea E-commerce platform “Steel Central”, which integrates industry resources, reduces operating costs, and provides one-stop services of procurement and distribution of coals, iron ores and steels.

        Finance & Real Estate Property: The property development & management and oversea infrastructure development investment sector of the Group undertakes the mid-to-high end real-estate development which area radiates from the center of Shanghai, to the surrounding Zhejiang and Jiangsu regions. At the same time, the Group has also launched projects of infrastructure development investment, urban landscaping and civil constructions.

        Financial holdings: The financial investment sector provides supports to the group’s strategy of integration of industry and finance. Through merging and cooperation, the company utilizes the cooperative works from the platforms of banks, mutual funds, insurance, financial leasing and factoring, to attract participation of capitals from the society and develop all kinds of financing through the forms of equity investment, venture capital, angel investment and mezzanine capital operations.

        Other Investments: The Group fully utilizes the integrated advantages of its established businesses, selectively invests into the bio-medical and the related businesses, also pays attentions to and invests in the new technology related projects. The Zhongchong bio-tech, bio-medical company (Zhongchong Sino pharmaceutical) sets course to become the R&D and production expert that closely follows the needs of husbandry diseases control of China, while keeping its technology on par with the world top level. The Sino project has already acquired the GMP certification, and the production shall commence in 2017.

        CZCG yearns to become the world first class strategic industry investment holding group. Withholding its core value of credibility, sharing, foresight and innovaion, CZCG sincerelyhopes to work with all partners from the world to accomplish win-wins. People as its foundation, honest and down-to-earth, CZCG set its goal to build a millenium company of harmony and innovation.