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        Home>About Us>Message From The President

        Ten years has passed since CZCG laid its cornerstone in the beginning of this new century. Started from scratch, CZCG has embarked on its journey of growth, cooperation and innovation. In the meanwhile, with their strong team cohesion power, People of CZCG have become a proficient team with decent professional ethics, established respecting and trusting cooperative relationship with partners from far and wide, and have been carrying their obligated responsibility with enthusiasm.

        Accompanied with the advent of Big Data era, the economy and society of China now undergoes a new round of revolution, the analysis and utilization of Big Data will become the driving force of the future development of society. Being able to thoroughly scout out innovative business models, and integrate whole value chain services of bulk stocks with oversea E-commence platform, will become the core competitive strength in the further development of CZCG.

        As the old Chinese word says “Harmony and cooperation are what keeps the business going “, CZCG is very grateful for the strong supports from society during the passing years. Withholding its non-yielding ethic codes, together with our employees, clients, partners and investors, CZCG will create a true sustainable development power and company value of win-win and sharing.

        The glorious past achievement marked plain and hardworking style of entrepreneurship that lives within the hearts of people of CZCG, yet the future calls more innovation to achieve our dream of a greater company. As our company’s motto says “Harmony, Wisdom, Righteousness and Proficiency”, together, let’s pave the way of new future!