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        Steel Source City

        Steel Source City is an online platform and service provider of commodity logistics, supply-chain finance, and E-commerce logistics. It intends to integrate both up and down stream sectors of the industry with modern supply-chain services, in order to reduce overall cost, increase production efficiency, promote resource sharing, boost capacity utilization, and optimize the general production stream. The platform utilizes technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Cloud Computing to build a comprehensive supply-chain service platform, which directly links end-users, material suppliers, and plants together. Therefore, it enlarges the information sharing radius, where information of supply and demand was kept in a small circle and could not reach the target audience; it satisfies the needs of customized orders, which were not possible due to the small quantity and large variety of each order; and it promotes production capacity sharing, in which case any plant could produce - when invited - for another plant to help finish additional orders in a limited time frame. This innovative platform, therefore, is able to help synchronize the production capacities in an entire region, greatly reduce energy waste and lower-end production, and increase production efficiency.

        Our Trading Services

        Steel Trading

        The Central sets its mission to optimize all steps of the production process to help steel plants increase production efficiency, and also aims to become the most professional domestic steel logistics integrated platform. We believe that, with our effort, every step in the steel production would be improved, with less wasteful in-between procedures and, eventually, we would help shape and rebuild the entire steel logistics ecology. The Central has established strategic cooperation relationship with major domestic steel plants, and has also initiated a mutual-guarantee business model with coal and iron ore suppliers to successfully obtain bank loans. At the same time, it seeks to cut lower-end production - or, waste in most cases – through establishing B2B connections within Steel Plants’ Alliance and hence enabling end-users to directly put specific orders through the Platform, making demand-driven production possible. The Central provides an innovative B2B online payment tool that is superior to the traditional payment methods such as cash payments, third-party transactions, and bank notes. The tool has revolutionized the traditional commodity shopping experience and made the entire process into “one click”.

        Charred Coal Trading

        The Central maintains a close relationship with suppliers world-wide, from including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, South Africa, and Mozambique. It also has signed strategic cooperation contracts with world renowned suppliers such as BHP and Rio Tinto.

        Iron Ore Trading

        The Central has established a long term relationship with major international miners, such as BHP, Rio Tinto, FMG, Vale, CSN, and Kumba. It has, at the same time, also kept a tight relationship with both international and domestic traders, such as Cargill, Glencore, Nobel, and RuiGangLian.

        Agent Sales System

        The System is an innovative design put together for seasoned professionals - from within the industry, with expertise and network - who plan to start a business risk free. These individuals do not need to bear any operation cost, nor do they need to secure a physical office or to file for a company registration. They rely, on the other hand, on the Central for product allocation, financing, business development, and logistics. The Central provides an all-inclusive before-during-and-after sales service, and at the same time reward agents with bonuses and year-end points.