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        Other Investments

        The Group selectively develops non-core business of other investment and management, to help the sustainable development of the group, and generate new break-out points of growth.


        With the support of the friendly environment and policies of the development zone, China Medical City (located at Taizhou city, Jiangsu province), cooperating with experienced biotech companies, top ranked universities and other research institutes from China, CZCG established the Zhongchong Sino Biotech Taizhou Co.,Ltd and Zhongchong Sino Pharmaceutical Taizhou Co.,Ltd. It plans that after 3-5 years of development, CZCG will build the country’s first large animal vaccine R&D and production base that integrates research, production, assessment and market promotion.

        Currently, in the vaccine engineering center of the China Medical City, Zhongchong Sino  has constructed a 1,000 square meter regular laboratory, a P2 grade biological safety laboratory and a manufacturing technique research room, armed with the AIV & swine flu new product R&D platform, vaccine additive technology platform, biological diagnosis & test platform for cells, virus and molecules. In 2015, the company will finish its construction of a 4000 square meters new product R&D platform, quality assessment platform and manufacturing technique research platform, together with a 3000 square meter animal experiment room. Zhongchong Sino devotes itself into the industry of animal medical products, provides livestock and poultry vaccines to the breeders for the prevention & control of husbandry diseases. Sino’s crown jewel, the “Recombinant Newcastle virus Inactivated Vaccine” is the world’s first VII-type Newcastle virus vaccine that based on the reversed genetic technology, and it has already acquired the First Category New Veterinary Drug Certificate of China.

        Zhongchong Sino will gather the know-hows in company management, production, R&D , QA/QC and technical services, apply scientific and high efficient company management mechanism, improve and accelerate the industrialization process of new product, providing high quality animal vaccine product and the related diagnosis products to the husbandry industry. The company will keep up to the world top standards, and become the advanced vaccine production base with its key manufacture process fully automated.