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        CZCG And Binjiang Real Estate Group Sign The Agreement of Developing “ The Third Stage Project of Xiangfu Garden“


        On the afternoon of July 27, 2016, President of CZCG, Mr. Yufeng Qiu, Vice president, Mr.Wei Jin, and President of CZCG Property, Mr Xin Lu and their team, held the ceremony of signing the Agreement of developing “ The Third Stage project of Xiangfu Garden”.

        With its core competitive strength of “Brand as the base, Strategy as the direction, Efficiency as the means”, as one of the Top 50 real estate property companies in China, BinJiang Real Estate Group is the large enterprise that integrates real estate sales, commercial property developments and hotel & tourisms, and is one of the leading real estate companies in Yangze River region.

        In the witness of vice president of CZBank, Mr. Changgong Zhang, and Director of Huizhi Captial of CZBank, Mr. Yuan Wu, President Qiu and Director of Bingjiang Real Estate Group, Mr. Jinxing Qi , representing the each respective company, signed the agreement. With the devotion of CZCG, this project is aimaims to become a work of finest quality. This project also set the milestone of strategic cooperation between CZCG and Bingjiang Real Estate Group.