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        Secretary Mr. Hanmin Zhou And His Team Visit CZCG


        On the afternoon of January 18, 2016, vice chairman of Central Party Committee of Minjian (means “domestic construction”), vice chairman of People’s Political Consultative Conference of Shanghai, Secretary of Party Committee of Minjian of Shanghai, Mr. Hanmin Zhou and his team visited CZCG and give some guidance on the works. Member of the Standing Central Party Committee of Minjian, director of Shanghai Xiangjiang Industrial Co.Ltd, Mr. Guoxiang Ma, Minster of social service department of Party Committee of Minjian of Shanghai, Ms. Yiwen Gu accompanied the inspection. President Yufeng Qiu and Vice President Ying Sheng accompanied the team during the whole inspection.

        After informed of the associated introductions, Mr Zhou gave high praise to developthe development strategy of the group, and believes that it fits very well with the China’s developing view of “Innovation, Collaboration, Eco-friendly, Open and Sharing”.

        He commentscommented that, the Minjian association will learn from associates like CZCG, to construct platforms of development and provide good services to the people. Mr.Zhou also gave his two recommendations to company: firstly, to fully utilize the internal collaboration mechanism of the Group, encouraging innovations and ultimately realizing the Group’s dream of becoming the world-class strategic industry holding group; secondly, to fully utilize the Group’s expertise in bulk stocks value chains and related industries, making greater contribution to the national grand strategy of “One Belt, One road” and settlement of “15th 5 years plan”.