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        Secretary Mr. Shaomin Lan And His Team Visit Zhongchong Sino


        On January 6, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Taizhou city, Mr. Shaomin Lan, Mayor Lijun Shi, accompanied with Secretary of the party working committee of the Medical High-tech development zone, Mr.Chunyun Lu and other members of the management team of the Zone, led the team of 200 government leadershipsofficials from Representatives of People’s Congress of Taizhou, municipal committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Taizhou city, Xinhua District, Hailin District, Medical High-tech development zone, and Jiangyan District, to inspect on the development of the project. The cooperation professionals of Zhongchong Sino, Academician Dr. Xiufang Liu from University of Yangzhou, Dr. Zhizhong Chui were invited to accompany the team during the visit.

        The Executive director of Zhongchong Sino Biopharmaceutical Taizhou Co.Ltd, president of Zhong Chong Sino Bio-tech Company, Ms. Hairong He has thoroughly introduced Zhongchong Sino project to the visiting team, and gave the team a tour guide around the constructed workshops, labs and real-time monitored animal laboratory room.

        The Zhongchong Sino animal vaccine project entered the China Medicine City development zone in 2014, and the first stage of the investment was accomplished after the long-time planning, construction and installments. Secretary Lan gave praise to the development progress of the project, the 1st category of new drug of China --- the series product of “Recombinant Newcastle disease vaccines”, the team synergy and team development of Zhongchong Sino. Dr.Liu and Dr Chui also commented that they have great confidence in the future of Zhongchong Sino project.